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Mercia Championship Rounds for 2022

See the attached PDFs.

One for the championship rounds and the other for a list of Mercia organised events (for which marshall volunteers are always wanted and welcomed).

Qualifying criteria:

U18 Best 4 short races
U23, Open, V40 and V50 5 best races to count which must include at least one from each distance and one away race.
V60 Best 5 races, at least one short, one medium and one away (no requirement for a long race to be included).
V70 Best 3 races any distance home or away.


In any qualifying race, the finishing times of the top 5 runners (regardless of gender, age or club allegiance) will be added together and divided by 5 to produce an average time. All Mercia FR members will have their own finishing times measured against this average in terms of a percentage equivalent. The percentage figure will be the recorded score for that particular race.

Scores for each Mercia FR members in eligible races will be entered into a spreadsheet table and calculated to produce a current total and ranking within the championship. Following the final race of the championship, the 5 best scores for any individual, assuming they have met the qualifying criteria, will be added up to produce a final total and so determine final rankings and category winners.

In the event of a tie in any age category, places in the final table will be decided on a head-to-head basis, i.e. who has been the higher finisher on most occasions when the 2 (or more) tied runners have competed in the same races.

Mercia Fell Runners